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Free Speech Bus Reveals Hate of Trans Extremists


The National Organization for Marriage says leftist extremists did everything in their power to prevent the Free Speech Bus tour to promote a national conversation on the biological nature of gender - including engaging in violence, property damage and acts of intolerance.

A short tour of the northeast was planned with a bus painted with the slogan:

“It’s Biology: Boys are boys… and always will be. Girls are girls…and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.”  

“It really made the point we were trying to make, which is when this message is conveyed - no matter on what level that its conveyed, it could be a local meeting or just dinner table conversation – it is met with a level of intolerance that is ironically coming from those who preach tolerance as an attitude in society,” Joseph Grabowski of the National Organization for Marriage told MRCTV.



The bus was vandalized at every stop of its short tour from Boston, Mass. to Washington D.C.

In New York, the bus and its driver were attacked while parked outside the United Nations building.

“While the bus was parked, the windows were smashed by a hammer and graffitied and keyed and just took a lot of damage from a couple of vandals,” Grabowski said.

The bus also took damage from protestors during stops in Boston and Philadelphia.

According to NOM, the Free Speech Bus Tour as a way of provoking a national discussion about the biological truth of gender and to hit "pause" on the headlong push by the left to redefine gender based on "identity" and "feelings."

“This is a position that, even if you don’t agree with it, has to be allowed on the table for rational discussion in society,” Grabowski says.

After just a short time on the road, much of it getting repairs, the Free Speech Bus Tour concluded earlier this week in DC.

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