Notable Quotables

Best quote of the day from the liberal media.

FLASHBACK: Media Trashed Ken Starr

Crossposted on NewsBusters. A montage of liberal journalists bashing Ken Starr when he was first appointed to look into Bill Clinton’s Whitewater scandal in the nineties.

GOP Bill Like Manifesto from a Serial Killer

Crossposted on NewsBusters “The, you know, real bad idea and real bad dude this week is the Senate unveiled their super-secret health care bill....Everybody’s saying it was unveiled. Unveiled? Unveiled...

A Decade of Media Drooling Over Barack Obama

From the moment then-state senator Barack Obama showed up on the national stage to address the Democratic convention in 2004, the news media were in love. As a candidate, the Associated Press celebrated...

Donald Trump = the “Scum of the Earth”

On the October 6, 2016 edition of his video diary, The Closer, ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann went on a rant against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump: “I would sooner and happily vote...