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ABC, NBC Rail Against ‘Partisan’ Republicans for Using Nuclear Option


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<p>In an act similar to that of a whining child, Senate Democrats attempted to block the President Trump&rsquo;s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch Thursday. Republicans, in turn, followed through on their promise to execute the so-called &ldquo;nuclear option&rdquo; to&nbsp;bring debate to a close and move the nomination forward. In response, ABC and NBC were up in arms that evening. &ldquo;<strong>The Republican leader today emerged from the partisan battlefield with a thumbs up. The top Democrat, his head hung low in defeat,</strong>&rdquo; bemoaned ABC&rsquo;s Mary Bruce on <em>World News Tonight</em>.</p>

<p>&ldquo;<strong>With Democrats blocking the President&#39;s nominee Neil Gorsuch, Republicans making a controversial play,</strong>&rdquo; she complained. For Bruce to describe Republican actions in that way is highly hypocritical for the network. Back in&nbsp;2013 when Senate Democrats nuked the filibuster for lower-court judges and cabinet appointments, ABC&rsquo;s Dan Harris <a href="… it</a> as a &ldquo;bold move&rdquo; by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.</p>

<p>She then lied to the viewers when explaining what Republicans did. &ldquo;<strong>Changing the Senate rules to confirm Supreme Court nominees from now on with a simple majority vote, lowering the threshold from 60 votes to just 51,</strong>&rdquo; she falsely claimed. In reality, they only changed the threshold needed to end debate. If nominees needed 60 voted to be conferenced, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito would not be on the bench since they received 52 and 58 yea votes respectively.&nbsp;</p>