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MSNBC Panelists Play Dumb on Why People Don’t Trust Susan Rice


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<p>As though it was a running theme for MSNBC on Wednesday night, multiple expert panelists acted as though they couldn&rsquo;t understand why the public has trust issues with former UN Ambassador Susan Rice. &ldquo;And one thing [President Donald Trump] said in the interview that is true, Susan Rice is not a particularly polished public performer,&rdquo; declared <em>New York Times</em> journalist Glenn Thrush on Chris Matthews&rsquo; <em>Hardball</em>.</p>

<p>His excuses for Rice became even more ridiculous when he wrote off her Benghazi explanation. &ldquo;We saw that on the Sunday shows after Benghazi. Sometimes she appears to be sort of defensive and a little bit skittish,&rdquo; he argued. He completely skipped over the fact that when she bounced between those Sunday shows, she was trying to sell the Obama administration&rsquo;s lie that the attack was because of an offensive YouTube video.</p>

<p>&ldquo;She wasn&#39;t great on Andrea Mitchell yesterday. And this is a president whose very much looking, as you said, to change the narrative. And he pounced on it,&rdquo; he continued in his defense, &ldquo;But as you know, a lot of the experts that we&#39;ve interviewed as an organization have said it is highly unlikely that Ambassador Rice&rsquo;s behavior represents a widespread pattern of surveillance against the Trump campaign.&rdquo;</p>